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A sliding automatic door is a great addition to many buildings for a number of reasons. They are super convenient and user-friendly, as they allow people to enter and exit buildings without having to use their hands.

This can be especially helpful for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those who are carrying items. 

Plus, they can help to reduce traffic congestion and improve foot traffic flow in busy areas. Another benefit of automatic sliding doors is that they are energy efficient, helping to reduce air infiltration and lower energy costs. And on top of all that, they come in a variety of styles and can add to the overall aesthetic of a building. All in all, automatic sliding doors are a smart and safe choice for many building entrances.

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Auto Sliding Doors Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to convert a manual sliding glass door to an automatic one. This can be done by installing an automatic door opener system, which typically includes elements like a motor, track, sensors, and a control unit. The motor powers the movement of the door panel along the track, while the sensors detect the presence of people and trigger the door’s opening and closing. The control unit manages the system and can be programmed to adjust the opening and closing speeds and delay times.

It’s important to note that the process of converting a manual sliding glass door to an automatic one may require modifications to the existing door and track, so it’s best to consult with a professional installer to ensure that the conversion is done safely and correctly. And, local building codes and regulations may dictate specific requirements for automatic doors, so it’s important to check those before proceeding with the conversion.

There are several benefits to using a sliding automatic door. Firstly, they provide a convenient and accessible way for people to enter and exit a building. This is particularly important for individuals with mobility challenges, such as those using wheelchairs or walkers, or for people carrying large items or pushing strollers. Automatic sliding doors can also reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, as they eliminate the need for people to touch the door handles. 

This is especially relevant in high-traffic areas such as hospitals and airports, where many people pass through on a daily basis. Additionally, automatic sliding doors can improve the flow of foot traffic, as they can open and close quickly, allowing people to enter and exit the building more efficiently. Overall, the use of automatic sliding doors can improve accessibility, convenience, and hygiene in a variety of settings.

An automatic sliding glass door system works by using sensors, a motor, and a control unit. The sensors detect the presence of a person or object approaching the door and send a signal to the control unit. The control unit then activates the motor, which moves the door panel along a track, opening the door.

Once the person has passed through, the sensors may delay the door’s closure to allow for a safe and convenient exit. The door panel then slides back to its original position and seals the doorway. 

Automatic sliding glass doors may also have safety features, such as sensors that detect obstructions and prevent the door from closing on people or objects. Overall, the system relies on sensors and motors to respond to people’s movements, making the opening and closing of the door hands-free and convenient.

The cost of an auto sliding door-opening system in Australia can vary depending on various factors such as the type of door, size of the opening, and features of the system. In general, the cost can range from a few thousand to several thousand Australian dollars.

For instance, a basic automatic door-opening system for a standard-sized sliding glass door can cost around AUD $2,000 to $3,000 for the equipment and installation. However, a larger or more complex system such as an automatic revolving door or a telescoping door can cost several thousand dollars.

Additional factors that can affect the cost include the brand and quality of the equipment, any customisation or programming needs, and the cost of labour for installation. It’s recommended to work with a professional installer who can provide a detailed quote and help you select a system that meets your specific needs and budget.

We would not recommend installing an automatic sliding door system yourself unless you have the necessary expertise and experience. Installing an automatic sliding door involves complex electrical and mechanical work, and it requires specialised tools and equipment.

Additionally, there may be local building codes and regulations that dictate specific requirements for automatic doors, such as safety features and accessibility standards. Failing to meet these requirements can result in serious safety hazards and legal issues.

It is best to hire a professional installer who has the knowledge, training, and experience to safely and correctly install an automatic sliding door system. 

A professional installer can also provide advice on selecting the right system for your needs, customising the system to your specifications, and ensuring that the installation complies with all applicable codes and regulations.


All our staff are fully trained and we offer an exceptional level of after-sales care.

The warranties on our products and services are as followed:
  • We offer 6 month warranty on any work carried out by our technicians and 12 month warranty on new parts used.
  • On new motors purchased we offer a full 5 years warranty on the whole motor and 2 years on all parts and labour – subject to showing the original invoice and servicing records.

Here are 2 of the most unusual motor fittings that we have done – These videos demonstrate that not every garage is a generic standard garage and it is in situations like these that you need a company that can think outside the box and achieve what you as the customer wants.


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At Jim’s Garage Doors we are specialists in garage door servicing and repairs. To keep your door running at its best, it needs regular servicing. We recommend a Service every 12 months.

Our expertly trained technicians will inspect and service your door to keep it running smoothly and safely. Regular servicing lengthens the life of your door, protects your warranty and keeps your family safe.

Just remember – it will break down on you either when you’re in a hurry to go out, or it’s raining outside or you want to get in. It never breaks at your convenience.

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