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Commercial sliding doors are an excellent choice for many businesses and organisations because they offer a variety of benefits. For one thing, they are incredibly durable and built to withstand heavy use and wear and tear.

They are also super easy to operate, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like malls, hospitals, and airports. And, since they don’t require manual effort to open or close, they are perfect for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those carrying heavy or bulky items.

Another great thing about commercial sliding glass doors is that they can be customised to fit almost any building style or design aesthetic.

And with the option to add security features like sensors and access controls, they provide a layer of safety and protection for your business. All in all, commercial sliding doors are an excellent investment for any business that values efficiency, convenience, and security.

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Automatic Commercial Sliding Doors And Commercial Glass Doors Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of automatic sliding doors commercial or otherwise can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size, type, and features of the doors, as well as the installation costs. In Australia, the price for commercial sliding doors can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic system to tens of thousands of dollars for a more complex or high-end system. It’s important to get a quote from a reputable supplier or installer to get an accurate estimate based on your specific needs and requirements.

There are several different types of commercial sliding glass doors that are designed to meet different needs and preferences. Some of the most common types of commercial sliding glass doors include:

  1. Single sliding doors – This type of door slides to one side and is often used in smaller spaces or areas with less foot traffic.
  2. Bi-parting sliding doors – This type of door consists of two panels that slide away from each other to create a larger opening. They are commonly used in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as shopping centres, airports, and hospitals.
  3. Telescoping sliding doors – This type of door consists of multiple panels that slide over each other to create a larger opening. They are often used in spaces where a wider opening is needed but there is limited space for the doors to slide.
  4. Pocket sliding doors – This type of door slides into a pocket within the wall, creating a completely open space when the door is fully open. They are commonly used in areas where space is at a premium.
  5. Revolving sliding doors – This type of door rotates around a central axis to create an opening. They are often used in buildings with high foot traffic or in areas where a high level of security is required.

Each type of commercial sliding glass door has its own advantages and is designed for specific purposes. It’s important to choose the right type of door based on your needs and requirements to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Commercial sliding doors are an important part of many buildings and should be properly maintained to ensure their proper operation and longevity. It is generally recommended that commercial automatic sliding doors be serviced and maintained at least once a year by a professional technician. 

This maintenance should include cleaning and lubricating the tracks, inspecting and adjusting the rollers and bearings, and checking the motor, controls, and safety features. Additionally, any worn or damaged parts should be replaced as needed to prevent further damage or malfunction.

Regular maintenance can help to prevent costly repairs and downtime, as well as ensure the safety and comfort of those who use the doors.

An automatic sliding door, commercial or residential can be equipped with a variety of safety features to ensure the safety of users and prevent accidents. Some common safety features that can be added to commercial sliding doors include:

  • Motion sensors – These sensors detect movement in the door’s path and can trigger the door to stop or reverse direction if an obstruction is detected.
  • Safety sensors – These sensors detect pressure or resistance on the door and can trigger the door to stop or reverse direction if someone or something is in the way.
  • Emergency stop buttons – These buttons can be used to quickly stop the door in case of an emergency.
  • Access controls – These controls limit who can use the door by requiring a keycard, PIN, or biometric scan to gain access.
  • Warning lights and alarms – These visual and auditory signals can alert users to the presence of the door and any potential hazards.
  • Fire-rated glass – These specially designed glass panels can help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in case of a fire.

By incorporating these safety features into commercial sliding doors, building owners and managers can help to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone who uses the doors.


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At Jim’s Garage Doors we are specialists in garage door servicing and repairs. To keep your door running at its best, it needs regular servicing. We recommend a Service every 12 months.

Our expertly trained technicians will inspect and service your door to keep it running smoothly and safely. Regular servicing lengthens the life of your door, protects your warranty and keeps your family safe.

Just remember – it will break down on you either when you’re in a hurry to go out, or it’s raining outside or you want to get in. It never breaks at your convenience.

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