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At Jim’s Garage Doors, we understand the importance of a properly functioning garage door. That’s why we offer a wide range of garage door services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need garage door repair, installation, or regular maintenance, our team of experts is here to help.

Our garage doors services include both residential and commercial projects, and we take pride in delivering high-quality, reliable service to each one of our clients. So next time you find yourself searching “service garage door”, just try Jim’s Garage Doors, your go-to source for professional garage doors service.

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Garage door Repairs

At Jim’s Garage Doors
we are proud to be able to offer the following services:

  • We repair all brands of garage doors & motors
  • Retro fit motors to existing manual roller, sectional and tilt doors.
  • All garage door insurance work
  • We offer a fully equipped mobile service
  • Guarantee best prices
  • All work carried out is fully guaranteed
  • All franchisees are properly insured

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Garage Door Repairs

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Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garage door functioning properly and avoid costly repairs. As a homeowner, you can perform some basic maintenance tasks on your own, such as cleaning the tracks, lubricating moving parts, and checking the weatherstripping for wear and tear. However, for more complex maintenance tasks, it’s recommended to seek the help of professional garage door services.

These tasks may include adjusting the tension of the springs, realigning the tracks, and replacing worn-out parts. By performing regular maintenance and addressing any issues promptly, you can prolong the life of your garage door, so you’re not left desperately searching for “service garage doors” after you’re locked out one time too many.

If you’re unsure about what type of maintenance your garage door requires, or if you’re not comfortable performing it yourself, contact a professional garage door service provider. The garage door service cost varies depending on the type of maintenance required, so it’s important to get a quote before agreeing to any services.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your garage door not opening or closing, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check the power source: Make sure the garage door opener is plugged in and receiving power. If it’s not, try plugging it into a different outlet.
  2. Check the remote: If the remote is not working, try replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reprogram the remote or replace it.
  3. Check the sensors: Garage doors have safety sensors located near the bottom of the door that detect obstacles in the door’s path. If these sensors are blocked or misaligned, the door may not open or close. Make sure the sensors are clean and properly aligned.
  4. Check the tracks: If the tracks are dirty or damaged, the door may not open or close properly. Clean the tracks with a cloth and make sure they are free of any debris. If the tracks are damaged, contact a professional garage door service to repair them.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, it may be time to contact a professional garage door service like Jim’s Garage Doors. We can provide you with a cost estimate for the repair or replacement of your garage door.

The cost of garage door service will depend on the type of repair or replacement that is needed, as well as the location and expertise of the garage door service provider. At Jim’s Garage Doors, we offer professional garage door services at competitive prices. Contact us for a quote and to schedule an appointment.

  • Broken cables
  • Broken Springs
  • Frayed or Broken Cables
  • Motor Issues
  • Garage Doors not opening
  • Other Garage Door issues
  • Noisy doors

We repair and service all brands of doors and motors. We have access to most brands of parts and if we don’t have it in stock we can source it for you.

  • Superlift
  • Merlin
  • Gliderol
  • Centurian
  • Dominator
  • B&D
  • ATA
  • Taurean

The average life of a motor can vary between 2 – 15 years depending upon the quality of the unit. Unfortunately, a lot of new homes have very cheap motors installed and this is where we see the majority of problems.

The main problems with motors are:

  • Circuit Card issues
  • Broken Internal gearing
  • Handset issues

Our experienced technicians see all the brands of motors every day and are used to fixing a wide range of issues.


All our staff are fully trained and we offer an exceptional level of after-sales care.

The warranties on our products and services are as followed:
  • We offer 6 month warranty on any work carried out by our technicians and 12 month warranty on new parts used.
  • On new motors purchased we offer a full 5 years warranty on the whole motor and 2 years on all parts and labour – subject to showing the original invoice and servicing records.

Here are 2 of the most unusual motor fittings that we have done – These videos demonstrate that not every garage is a generic standard garage and it is in situations like these that you need a company that can think outside the box and achieve what you as the customer wants.


Garage Door Servicing

At Jim’s Garage Doors we are specialists in garage door servicing and repairs. To keep your door running at its best, it needs regular servicing. We recommend a Service every 12 months.

Our expertly trained technicians will inspect and service your door to keep it running smoothly and safely. Regular servicing lengthens the life of your door, protects your warranty and keeps your family safe.

Just remember – it will break down on you either when you’re in a hurry to go out, or it’s raining outside or you want to get in. It never breaks at your convenience.

Garage Door Repair