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Do you think that your back garden and home are the only places that need to be safe and secure? What about your garage? With no safety precautions, it can be a dangerous place. Garage doors in particular require regular and consistent attention.

Of course, you do not want to take the risk of injuries happening to anyone in his or her family. That is why, it is important to take safety precautions with your garage door. Poorly maintained garage doors can be dangerous for children. Garage doors are the largest and biggest moving object in your home, So, if the safety precautions are not taken, injuries can happen quickly.

Here are some garage door safety tips which can be helpful to avoid probable injuries.

Check springs

No matter how well your door has been installed, always keep in mind that parts are going to wear out – after all nothing lasts forever. This is particularly true about springs. Springs are under constant tension. If your garage door doesn’t go up or down with ease, then there is a problem. Get it checked by a professional.

Sometimes a spring just needs adjusting. Keep in mind, delaying or failing to replace a broken or worn spring can lead to damage. It can even cause damage to hinges and rollers or even bend your panels of the door. So, it can be best option to call professional to check them.

If you cannot lift your door or it doesn’t stay up when it is open and in manual then you have a problem.

Keep little ones in mind

Up and down movement of the garage door fascinates children. It is essential to talk with them regarding its dangers and keep them away from it whilst it is moving.Furthermore , when you have a remote panel attached in the garage, try to keep it out of a child’s reach. Affix it at least five feet from the ground to prevent accidents.

Check it regularly

If your garage door gets used many times every day, which most do, then your door even though it has been installed professionally, requires regular inspection and maintenance. Remember, hardware like springs and hinges can wear out and break after long use, especially nylon hinges.

Garage door openers

Check the ability of your garage door to open and close properly. It is essential to ensure that the garage door reverses if it hits something before it touches the ground. If it is not the case, it is better to get it replaced. Pay attention to garage door openers, which are a very vital safety tool. It can be beneficial to replace openers every 7 years. A good reputable motor will have a chain guard stopping the chain from being touched and dragging on your door.

Save your fingers!

Be careful as garage doors can pinch your fingers. Nowadays, most garage doors are finger safe or pinch free which helps to avoid children’s fingers getting trapped.

All the above tips will help you to keep your garage door in good shape for long time. Remember, garage doors can be a main source of injuries and a frustrating experience if your car gets stuck inside and you need to go out. Therefore, do invest your time to maintain them properly. Get them checked by a Jim’s Garage Doors professional regularly.

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