Garage Door Repairs

Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

Your garage door is an essential part of the functionality and security of your home. And, just like any other mechanical system, it can be prone to wear and tear. But do you know the signs of a garage door in desperate need of repair?

Jim's Garage Doors - Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

Unusual Noises

A well-maintained garage door should operate relatively quietly. If you start hearing unusual noises (grinding, scraping, or squeaking sounds), it’s a surefire sign that something isn’t right. But what exactly is causing your garage door to sing an unwanted (and, frankly, unpleasant) song? Well, it could be a number of issues—lack of lubrication, worn rollers, or misaligned tracks, to name a few.

Slow Response

Is your garage door opening more slowly than it used to? Do you find yourself mashing the button on your remote without getting a response? There may be trouble afoot…

Worn-out gears, faulty sensors, or aged springs can all cause your garage door to move and react at a snail’s pace. So, if your garage door takes longer than a second to move after you activate the opener, it’s time to get a professional’s opinion before the issue turns critical.

Sagging or Tilting

When was the last time you took a really good look at your garage door? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably never. However, frequently inspecting your garage door is an essential part of its regular maintenance. Next time you have a gander, take special notice of how your garage door hangs; are any sections sagging or tilting? If the answer is yes, there could be a problem with the balance and tension of your garage door.

Usually, an imbalanced garage door is caused by weakened springs or deteriorating support structures. This is a severe and also dangerous issue—if the support structures in your garage door are compromised, it could slam shut without warning, sending up to 100kg sailing into whoever is standing beneath… yikes! To detect problems before they arise, it might be worth conducting a monthly balance test. Simply lift the door halfway, and if it fails to stay in place, it’s time to call in the experts.

Frequent Breakdowns

It’s a glaring red flag if you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns or the need for constant adjustments to your garage door. If you find yourself regularly fixing your garage door’s tracks, struggling with the opener, or dealing with other recurrent issues, these are signs of underlying problems that require prompt and professional attention. Persistent issues not only interfere with the functionality and safety of your garage door but could also cost a pretty penny if not addressed sooner rather than later. So, for the sake of your convenience, safety, and wallet, get on top of consistent issues ASAP!

If you think you need garage door repairs, Jim’s Garage Doors can help! We’re the local experts in garage door maintenance, garage door repairs, and garage door upgrades. Click here to request a quote online, or call 131 546 for prompt, professional garage door services.

Garage Door Repairs

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Garage Door Repairs

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